Sleeve too long!

Hello Again.

I’ve just measured the sleeve of the child’s sweater (3-6 months) I am knitting and even though I still have another 20 rows to knit the sleeve is already 30 cm which is 1 cm bigger than the pattern says the finished article should be!

The pattern says 29cm length from shoulder - I assume that means the whole length of the sleeve?

I did not use the same wool that the pattern recommended because there was hardly any of it in the shop and the colours were wrong but I did use another DK wool and I did make sure that the tension swatch measurements on the subsituted wool were the same as on the original.

I knit a bit on the tight side and so I am using 4.5 mm instead of the suggested 4mm. When I did the tension swatch using 4mm it was 3 inches and not 4 inches as stated on the pattern. I did look for needles that were 4.25 but couldn’t find any so I had to go to 4.5 mm instead.

I have had a look back through the pattern instructions and truly think that I have not misread anything. I don’t mind starting again but because I don’t know what the problem is I don’t think the measurements will be any different next time round.

Can anyone advise me?

Many thanks again


I’ve had this happen or anticipated it happening myself. It may be that your row gauge rather than stitch gauge was off and that is the source of the problem or it could be a problem with the pattern itself. I assume that you need to get in a certain number of increases before the end of the sleeve. Depending on how many increases you need, you could rip out the last few cms and put in some more frequent increases or, if you decide to do the sleeve again, increase the frequency of the increases (say every 4th row instead of every 6th row). See what frequency will get all the increases in given the row gauge that you measure on the current sleeve.
Yes, 29cm from the shoulder is the length of the sleeve. If there’s a schematic, you may be able to confirm that on the drawing.

ETA: I just re-read your post on the raglan sleeve sweater in which case it may be decreases that you want to get in within a certain length but approximately the same advice holds true. Row gauge is more important here than usual.

thanks again , Salmonmac. Does this mean that I’ll probably end up having to alter the pattern for the body of the jumper as well?

If you’ve already knit the body and its measurements are ok, I’d adjust the sleeve to match the body decreases (this is a raglan?). In the end, you’ll have to seam along the line between the sleeve and the front and again along the sleeve and the back at the raglan decrease line so you want those seams to line up.