Sleeve shaping question

I am working on finishing my first very slow sweater. The destructions say, while working the sleeve the following.

…blah blah blah about the shaping, continue working until 9 1/2 inches from where shaping started. Cast off 17 in next two rows blah blah blah

Does this mean you measure 9 1/2 inches along the curve? or 9 1/2 inches from the center and straight up? Those obviously give very different results!

Can’t wait to see if I did it r ight or not! ( luckily I have a lifeline inserted if I need to).

I’d do it from the edge of the work, not up the middle.

I would do up from the middle. :slight_smile:


Ok, now I have the pattern in front of me. This is after you have done the decrease/shaping.

Back: Cont without shaping in st st until armhole measures 9 1/2 ins from start of armhole shaping, ending with a ws row. Cast off 19 sts at the beginning of the next two rows. Leave rem center 32 sts on a holder. (I get all of this except the 9 1/2 inches)

and the front says: Work as given for back until armhole measures 6 1/2 ins from start of armhole shaping…Knit 23 sts, turn and slip rem sts on a holder. etc. etc.

So the next step for the back is to attach it to the front part (after the neck shaping is done) and pick up stitches. The next step for the front is to do the neck shaping.

This is why I put off working on the sweater. I dread not being able to understand the pattern :rollseyes: and worry about screwing the whole thing up. One should NEVER do their first sweater with expensive yarn, EVER.

Measure straight up, not on the diagonal. Put something straight across from the armhole bind off and then straight up from there to measure.

For the front you measure straight up for 6 1/2 inches because that’s when you start the neck shaping. The front and back will ultimately be the same, but you need to shape the neck in the front.

I need to learn to trust my instincts! And of course, to trust the pattern.

I had originally done it where I was measuring straight up - and then Saturday night started second-guessing - I actually tore back a few inches, and then did the cast off rows at 9 1/2 inches, curved (IE I did it wrong). But then it looked awfully SHORT for the back.

No harm done - I would FAR rather fix this now than after I had knit the front and back together at the shoulders!!! Luckily I no longer break into a cold sweat when I have to tear something out!!!

My next sweaters will be top down and/or the YOTS tank - I am sure they will go more smoothly!

Every sweater is a learning experience. Next time you won’t have this problem!

Thanks for advice and encouragement - I know the first time is always the hardest! Unfortunately this sweater WILL be lovely and it WON’T be worn until next year because its now spring, but thats ok!!!

I had taken my piece to work too and my co-dependent at work took one look at it and agreed - I had bound off too soon! Brought it home, took it to the frog pond, so basically lost 3 rows, and its ready to go. Just glad I hadn’t cast off both front and back!

Thanks again!