Sleeve question

I have really gotten into stranded knitting but I have never done sleeves that involves stranded knitting. I have knit sweaters bottom up with steeks at the neckline and armholes and then picked up and knit my sleeve cap with short row shaping and then continued to knit the sleeve. However, that short row shaping involves flat knitting, not something I want to do with stranded knitting. Other than raglan shaping, is there a way to knit sleeves, completely in the round, and attach them to the sweater? Thanks.

Oh, sure, you can knit the sleeves in the round. They join the steek at the armholes. I’ve knit baby sweaters this way and the Scandinavian patterns do something very nice at the top of the sleeve where the RS and WS reverse. The reversed part makes a kind of hem that overlaps the seam at the join and neatly covers the seam.