Sleeve pattern

hello, i have a sleeve pattern i’m trying to work and there is a clause in the pattern i don’t quite understand so i was looking for some help!

the pattern is for a left side raglan sleeve and half way through the instructions is says ‘for right hand side of sleeve shape raglan as follows… at same time, shape raglan at left hand side’

how can i work these at the same time?

also in any knitting pattern if you use a different stitch as the one suggested will it drastically change the shape of the item?


If you’re knitting the sleeve flat you’re going to be working both sides of the sleeve. What pattern is it and do you have a link?

Using a different stitch can change the shape and the way it fits. In some cases you even need more yarn. It kind of depends on what the differences are.

Ah okay I understand sorry that was really stupid! I was thinking it meant the left sleeve and the right sleeve.

The pattern is from the same book i think you found a picture of something out of it before, its the riko knitting idea 11 fashion super chunky 01 polo neck.

The right and left sides of the left sleeve are at the beginning and end of the sleeve row that is on the needle. So you can do different shaping on the beginning of the row than you do at the end of the row, depending on your pattern (for example, decrease every row at the beginning of the row and decrease every other row on the end of the row).

Changing the stitch pattern may change the size and possibly the shape of the item, depending on the stitch you substitute.

Okay, in terms of starting the shaping at the top of the sleeve my pattern says dec 1st at right hand side of 15 foll alt rows.
at same times, shape raglan at left hand side of sleeve as follows: dec 1st at left hand side of 11 foll alt rows. dec 2 sts at left side of 2 foll alt rows and 1st at left side of foll alt row. fasten off rem st. work right sleeve as left, reversing raglan shapings.

I am pretty confused by this!

  • does ‘dec 1st’ mean decrease first or decrease one stitch?

  • with the ‘foll alt rows’ does that mean i follow the instructions for one side of the sleeve on one row and on the next row i follow the instructions for the other side?

-where it says ‘…left side of 11’ does that mean stitch number 11? and if so which side of the needle do i count from according to which row i’m knitting etc?

  • the stitch for the pattern is stocking stitch, so does the ‘foll alt rows’ mean i just purl the purl rows as standard and then make the decreases etc. on the knit rows?

sorry i have a lot of questions! thanks for your help.

one more thing, where it says ‘dec 2 sts at left side of two’ ; surely that means i’m decreasing the last stitches on the needle?

It sounds like you have diffierent dec instructions for both edges. You would dec 1 stitch at the beginning and end of every other row 11 times. The decrease can be the edge sts or one st in from the edge. Then you dec at the end of the row 2 sts, but that would have to be a BO and since you can’t do that at the end of the row, you would have to BO 2 at the beg of the WS/purl row. Do that on 2 rows then on the last dec row (the 15th) just do a 1 sts dec at the beg and end both.

okay, please could you tell me:

  • would the instructions be different because its a raglan?
  • are your instructions for a raglan or normal sleeve?
  • what is a BO?
    -and why is the 15th the last dec row? thank you!!!

When there are different instructions for two parts of a project like your sleeve, I find it’s easier to write out the directions for each row and then check them off as I go.
Dec 1sts on each side (right and left) on rows1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21
Dec 2 sts on the left side rows 24 and 26; dec 1st on right side rows 23,25
Dec 1sts on each side row 27
Dec 1sts on right side row 29.
If you want to see bind off, check the Free Videos tab at the top of the page, Cast off. It just like binding off at the end of project but you only lift 2sts over the needle and off. As Sue said, you can’t really bind off at the end of the row (23 and 25) so bind off at the beginning of rows 24 and 26.
Raglan sleeves usually have a longer, more gradual decrease than set in sleeves and it’s usually symmetrical. In your case, the decrease is asymmetric.

Bind off is the same as cast off though it’s called a decrease by some patterns because you do decrease the stitch number. But generally you want the BO at the edge of a sleeve rather than a double decrease. The except would be where it says to BO 1 - a decrease gives a much smoother edge. What I gave you is the interpretation of the raglan sleeve decreases that you posted. This decrease pattern would match what the pattern says for your back and front pieces as one side of the sleeve will match the back and the other will match the front. The last dec row is not row 15, but the 15th row you do decs on; there’s a ws row in between each decrease row.

okay thank you, i’m afraid i still have another problem though, the yarn i’m using is a lot chunkier than the yarn suggested for the pattern so i only cast on 15 at the start according to an estimation of size of the sleeve and increased to 22 at the widest so now there are too many decreases…

Then don’t do as many of the decreases, just as many as it takes you to get down to just one st.

great thank you so much!