Sleeve pattern

Hi all, this is the first time I am knitting a jersey sleeve from this kind of pattern and I don’t understand it. The pattern, after finishing the ribbed cuff, reads as follows:

‘Beg with a K row, work in st st as folls: –
Inc 1 st at each end of 3rd [3rd: 3rd: 5th: 5th] and 4 [1:0:0:0] foll alt rows, then on 3 [6:8:6:6] foll 4th rows, then on 0 [0:0:2:3] foll 6th rows. 43 [45:47:49:51] st.’

I am making the biggest size ie the one in bold.

Would appreciate some help with this particularly after the first incs at the beg and end of the 5th row.

Welcome to KH!
Inc on row 5 and then on rows 9,13,17,21,25,29. Finally inc on rows 35,41 and 47.
Any instruction that has a 0 for your size is skipped.

Thanks so much for your quick reply - let me sit with my sleeve again and apply your instructions.

Right so just to double check - because at row 9 a ‘0’ is indicated for the biggest size I don’t have to inc there? surely that would be for row 13 too since it says inc for the next ‘4 foll alt rows’…?

I’m counting the rows consecutively, starting with the 5th.

Inc 1 st at each end of 3rd [3rd: 3rd: 5th: 5th ] —row 5
then on 3 [6:8:6: 6 ] foll 4th rows, —rows 9,13,17,21,25,29
then on 0 [0:0:2: 3 ] foll 6th rows. —rows 35,41,47.
43 [45:47:49: 51 ] st.’

If there’s a 0 for your size, skip that direction. For example, “the 0 following alt rows”.