Sleeve Pattern for Sweater

Hey guys! I’m having trouble knitting the sleeves for this pattern. Every time I try to follow the steps, the edges of my sleeve come out lumpy. I’ve attached a picture of the pattern…any tips would be greatly appreciated!

I’d like to help you, but not sure what you mean by “lumpy “ Can you explain more?

The edges aren’t neat, like every time I increase I get these big loops…does that help?

Ok Yes The increases tend to look lumpy , especially if you’re using a chunkier yarn . After you seam the sleeves together, it should look better , and you should probably block the sweater when you’re done Blocking will flatten the increased in the sleeves

Ok the yarn I’m using is pretty medium-sized though…but you’re saying I should just keep going? In general though is there a trick to make your edges cleaner and tighter?

Not so sure if there is a trick to it You can try pulling the yarn a little tighter so the increased sets look flatter Also, practice some increasing with extra yarn But I think once you seam the sleeves together, it should look better There are a couple ways to increase stitches . I only use one method, but you can google and see if there are better ways to increase at sleeve edges I will see what I can find and I will get back to you

Ok thank you!

I just looked at YouTube for increasing on sleeves There is a trick! Instead of increasing the first st, just knit that, and do your increase in the 2nd st When you get to the end of the row, do your increase on the 3rd st instead of the first one That way your edges will be smooth

I actually just learned something new after looking at YouTube So, check it out and they show you exactly how to increase at the sleeves I hope you aren’t too far in your project I have ripped out many projects myself when I don’t like the way they are turning out I hope this helped you

Wow great! Do you mind sending me the links to the videos?

Of course Let me try I’m not that great with technology lol If I can’t, I can send it to you through a text, if you would be ok with that Ok I’m not sure how to send this to you I don’t see link If you give me your email , I could But go on YouTube and look up Sheila’s knitting tips She has a video on how to increase on sleeves

Ok great I’ll look it up thanks!

Let me know if you find it Also, knitting offers knitting tips!

You can copy and paste the links to videos into the Reply box. Here’s an example for knitting sleeves.

That was the link I wanted to send to her, but didn’t know how to copy and paste Thank you for sending this

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Hey guys so I’ve been working on the sleeve and I used some of the tips you suggested. What I’m wondering is does this look right? Also, I forgot to increase at the end of the one of the rows. Is there a way to fix that without completely starting over?

Your knitting looks very pretty.
The increases need to become part of the k2p1 ribbing rather than being left as purl sts. You could leave the beginning increases as they are now (call it a design feature) but from now on change those sts to the rib pattern and incorporate new increases into the rib. You pattern nicely lays this out for you on the rows following the increase rows (rows 10, 14 and 18).

Put an additional increase into the side that’s missing one on the next row that doesn’t already call for an increase, for example, a row 11 or 15.

Here’s a video for a lifeline which is an easy way to save your sts without having to rip back to the beginning should you ever need this in future.

What is the name of your pattern?

Hey thanks for your compliment and advice. Unfortunately I messed up on one of the rows, got frustrated, and ripped everything out. I’m so frustrated this is like my sixth time trying to do this pattern! By the way it’s called the wand pattern from the we are knitters company.

Since I’m starting over, should I just follow the pattern to the T or still increase in the third stitch instead of the second?

Oh, so frustrating. Do add the lifeline so you don’t have to take out all the lovely knitting you’ve done.
Follow the pattern. It seems to be very carefully written. The increase looks like it’s a make 1 between the first and second stitch.

Ok. The first few times I did a make 1 stitch my edges looked sloppy…I did the front and back increase in the photo I showed you…is one better than the other? Like I feel the front and back increase made my edges look neater. I think I’ll still follow along with the pattern though