Sleeve into Armhole Question

I’m confused on something. When making a sweater, you knit the front and back to x number of inches, then BO some stitches to shape armholes. I understand that. Then you knit the sleeves separately by casting on x number of stitches according to the pattern then working for however long.

My question is this: How do you know that there will be enough sleeve to fit into the armhole or that the sleeve won’t be too big around to fit into the armhole? Does it just magically work out? Do you adjust for this somehow? The patterns are no help.

The patterns will give you the same number of sts to BO at the underarm and decs above that on the sleeves as you did the front and back. The decs at the top are a little different to account for the shoulder being rounded, not flat, but they do fit in unless you’ve changed the front or back. The sleeve may be just a weeee bit larger, but not so much as to be impossible to fit in. They’re like that in sewing too, the patterns tell you to `ease’ the sleeve into the opening.

OK, I’ll just keep knitting and this will hopefully make more sense when I get there. Thanks!

Yeah, they usually do. It’s easier to see what’s going on with the yarn and needles in hand rather than try to figure it out in your head.