Sleeve increases

I’m making the Gansey Sweater and I’m at the instructions for the sleeves:

[B]Using smaller needles, CO 28 sts. Work K2 P2 ribbing for 2", inc 1 st in center of final row — 29 sts. Change to larger needles and work in st st, inc 1 st at beg and end of every 4th row 17 times — 63 sts. Continue without shaping until piece measures 13" from beg. K next 6 rows. BO.[/B]

I’ll reach 13" in 6 or 8 rows, not more than that, but still have 24 rows of increases left to do. Do I simply stop the increases once I reach 13", even if I haven’t reached 63 sts ([I]I highly doubt this is the answer, but thought I’d ask anyway[/I])? Should I go back and increase every 3rd row, instead of every 4th?

What would you do?

Just realized I forgot to give my gauge, as that might help someone answer me.

Gauge should be 18sts/24 rows = 4". Mine turned out at 18 sts/22 rows = 4". I just finished rechecking it, and it hasn’t changed from when I started the body.

Yep it’s the gauge that’s getting you. Does it look like the sleeve is going to fit? I’m guessing it’s going to be too narrow and also you won’t have the correct number of stitches to be able to seam it to the sweater.

The math works out reasonably close using your gauge and increasing every 3rd instead of every 4th row. I think that would be the better option instead of winding up with too few stitches and too narrow a sleeve.

Thanks Mason. That’s what I was thinking too, but I was hoping for something that didn’t involve frogging LOL. At least it’s just a sleeve and not the whole sweater!