Sleeve increases on purl side

I am making my sleeve and I am to inc every 7 rows. So because it is every 7 rows sometimes I am on the RS and sometimes I am on the WS. I am not sure how to inc on the WS. And is there a right and left slanting inc for the purl side? :??

Go to the Decreases page and look at the ones for purl stitches - p2tog and SSP. With SSP you have to fiddle around with it to make the slant right, but it can be done and looks good.


I am increasing on the purl side. I looked at the videos and understand how to decrease(there are lots of ways) but I am having a hard time figuring out increasing on the purl side. I wonder if I should just increase every six rows and that way it can always be on the right side. What do you think?

Sorry, I just watched the videos again and found the increase on the purl side. :oops:

And here I thought you wrote Decs, not Incs… :oops:

If you’re making them at the edge or one stitch in, they really won’t show because of the seam and they’ll be on the side of the arm that doesn’t get looked at much, so which way they slant doesn’t matter as much.


Sorry, to ask so many questions, If I just opened my eyes a little more I would have seen the video. Thanks for helping.

Ok, so I know it does not matter that much but I am hooked on learning and like to understand as much as I can about knitting and techniques. I just watched the video and from what I can see the MIB on the pic shows that it slants left looking at the right side. The MIF looks like it slants right from the right side. So when I am on the purl side and I did the MIB it looks like it slants to the right. In Amy’s video when she is doing a MIB and MIL which is which on the right side? :??

I think they slant the same on both sides?


Sorry, I don’t understand. If you are on the purl side and you make an increase that slants right, when you turn your work it slants left, the opposite becasue you are on the other side. On her videos I am not sure if she is demonstrating on how to do it so it slants the one way for the right side or the wrong side. In other words, If the MIB slants left and the MIF slants right is that on the right side or wrong side. :wall:

What I usually do when I’m not sure about such things is to try it out one way, and see what happens. If it isn’t what I want, I just undo the stitch and do it the other way.

I tried that and for some reason(probably because I am still new) I cant tell which way they are slanting. But in the future when I do a inc on the wrong side I want to make sure I am doing it right. I might as well start doing it right now instead of changing later.

I did both the MIB and the MIF beside each other and the MIB slants left on the RS and the MIF slants right on the RS of work. :happydance: Hope this helps someone else.