Sleeve increase

I don’t understand sleeve increases for women’s small. What is meant by
"women: 9th, 9th, 8th, 8th round.

Lopi Istex Anniversary sweater

It would be clearer if you could quote the full round.
The different numbers may refer to different sizes in the pattern (but these tend to be given in brakets) but might also refer to a single size where something happens (maybe an increase or decrease) on the 9th round, then the next 9th round, then the next 8th round and again on the next 8th round.
If you quote a slightly larger piece of text it will be easier to decipher.

The ravelry page also mentions there is errata for this pattern but the links are broken. You may need to contact the publisher to ensure your pattern is full and correct.

For the women’s size small, increase each side,one stitch after the marker and one stitch before the end of round every 9th round for 10 times. That would be an increase on the next round, call it round 1 and then on rounds 10,19,28,37,46, 55, 64,73 and 82.

(You’re counting 8 rounds and then increasing on the 9th round.)
Great looking icelandic!

I’m starting with 40 stitches and pattern says to do 10 times for total of 60 stitches.
The pattern says to do increases and doesn’t specify what type of increase. Is there a recommended increase for sweater sleeves? I’m familiar with M1 and knitting in front and back. This is my first bottom up fair isle, so learning new techniques.

M1 is a default that will work. So will the kfb especially the improved kfb.

I like the right and left lifted increases too. They’ll work.

I’ve also edited my previous response on the rows for the increases. The increases are repeated 10 times total not 7 times as I originally posted.

I appreciate your feedback and help!