Sleeve increase help

Hi all I’m new to the forum and new to sweater knitting.

The sleeve pattern is for a k2p2 rib for the whole sleeve.
My question is when the pattern reads as follows:
inc 1 st at each end on next and every 3 row 16 times

how do you stay in the k2p2 pattern ?do you increase after the first stitch or between the k and p stitches?

Thank you for all your answers

Very happy to have found this site I learned to knit basics from my grandmother years ago and have been self teaching for the last year or so.

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
It’s nice to increase one stitch in from the end. I usually knit the first stitch (it’ll be part of the seam anyway) and then make the increase. Continue with the k2p2 rib so that there’s no break in the rbb pattern and on the next row, work the increase stitch as either a knit or purl, whichever would be expected to come next.