Sleeve increase...HELP

Hi everyone,

I am attempting to knit sleeves for a sweater I am knitting. Anyway, the instructions say: work in pattern(stockinette) increasing 1 st each side every 6th row.

I just watched Amy’s videos but her examples were done with stitches on both needles. My stiches are on one needle, so I am stuck as to how I increase one on each side.

I hope I am making sense.

Any help would so greatly be appreciated.


Do you mean that your stitches are on circs? In that case you would increase at the underarm center–

increase, knit one, marker, center stitch, marker, knit one, increase.

Oh Ingrid thanks for responding.

Actually this sweater is done on straight needles. So at this point all my stitches are on the left needle. I can take a picture of the sweater if you need to see what it should look like.


I don’t think that’s necessary. To increase for the sleeve, increase in the second stitch and increase in the next to last stitch of the row. Do this every sixth row, that is the 6th, 12th, 18th, etc.


A big hug for you. :heart:

I will try it like you said.

Amy1 :smiley: