Sleeve increase confusion

Hi- I’m so confused by pattern instructions for baby sweater sleeve. I have completed cuff ribbing and have 30 st on my needle. Pattern says,"work 36 rows SS. At same time shape the sleeve by inc 1 st each end of the 3rd row and every foll 2nd row until there are 56 stitches on the needle."
Does this mean I need to inc 1 st at the beginning and end of 3rd row (which is knit row), and then inc at beginning and end of every other row (which will all be knit rows) until I have 56 stitches?
Should my increase stitches be at the second stitch in at beginning and 2nd to last before the end?
Thanks in advance for your help!

You have it figured out perfectly. That’s exactly right on both the increase rows and the best placement of the increases.