Sleeve help

I’m knitting this [Cardigan] and I’m about to join the sleeves. I have two sleeves on dpns and the body also has live stitches. Here’s the instructions for joining the sleeves to the body:

On the first row the body and sleeves are joined together. Begin at the right front piece by knitting 24 stitches from the right front, place marker, knit 38 (that’s all the sleeve stitches) from a sleeve, place marker, knit 56 for back place marker, 38 from second sleeve place marker and knit final 24 for right front

I’m assuming the sleeves must remain on the dpns when I attach them, but This technique (if that’s what it is) is new to me. Am I missing something?

The pattern didn’t post so here’s a link

You’ll be knitting the sleeve sts off the dpn onto the needle with the right front, then knitting across the back and joining the second sleeve and left front. (The right or left front is the front as you wear the cardigan)
It’ll be tight as you knit across the join at the underarm for the first few rows but using any slack in a circular needle will help.

Soooo, I’m feeling very foolish. On the last row of the sleeves I was supposed to bind off 6 stitches and for some unknown reason I decreased instead. Once I fixed that, it all made sense and easily came together. I started knitting a couple of years ago and I’ve since made about 30 cardis/pullovers, this is the first time that I’ve made/joined the sleeves in this way. I think I like it.

Salmonmac, you have answered every question I’ve ever had about knitting. Thank you!

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There things happen. I’m glad it all came together since it’s such a pretty pattern. Good for you for keeping at it!

Well I finished it. If I had used a more expensive yarn I’d probably frog the entire yoke and reknit it, but I used yarn left over from another project and I wanted to get a little experience knitting with a different color in each hand.

I’m probably posting this in the wrong place, but I wanted you to see it salmonmac, it is a very lovely pattern.

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It is indeed a lovely cardigan and worked beautifully. Thanks for posting the photo!