Sleeve directions?????

I am confused as to what the “Shape Sleeves” part of these directions means.
Would any of you wiser ones, please tell me in different words what I’m to do.

Well, we can give it a try. What size are you making?

It looks like the sleeve is worked from wrist to shoulder. Since an arm is tapered, you have to gradually increase the width of your knitting. I usually do my increases on the 3rd stitch from either side. So in stockinette I would k2 k1fb (that’s knit the same stitch through both the front and back loops) k until 3 stitches from end k1fb k2. The pattern says to repeat this increase every 8th or 6th row depending on what size you’re making and indicates how many total times you should increase and how many stitches you should end up with. Then just keep knitting to the required measurement ending on a wrong-side row.

Hope this helps.

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Yes, this is helpful.
I do wish knitting directions would use a bit more ink (its cheap!) to give better directions.

Why do you increase on the 3rd stitch? Just wondering and learning.


Increasing or decreasing on the third stitch (or the second) keeps the very edge of the piece smooth and makes it easier to seam.

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