Sleeve decreases

I am working on a top-down raglan am about to start the sleeves. The pattern does not include any decreases in the sleeves, but I would like to add some.

I plan on decreasing every 8 rows. What type of decrease should I use?


Are you working in the round?? If so, I’d do a SSK before the beginning of round marker and a K2tog after the marker.

When you say before the beg of round marker does that mean the last stitch of the previous round?

SSk, slip marker,K2tog? That means the slants go towards each other right? So if there was a seam they would grow towards the seam instead of away from the seam? :?? I guess I have been doing my slants wrong. I always made them slant away from a seam. :oops:

It depends on how they look to you. Since you’re going down the arm, they should slant toward the marker. It’ll probably be okay if you’ve started the other way, they’ll be on the underside of the sleeve and won’t be too noticeable.


When you say ssk, sm, k2tog is it the same as

k2tog, knit till last 2 sts, ssk?


Yes, that’s correct. I’d probably do it the way that you said last - K2tog, knit to last 2 stitches, SSK.

Like suzeeq said, slanting the decreases away from each other isn’t wrong. It’s however you prefer them to look. As long as you are consistent and do them all the same, either way is fine.

Since you are working from the top down and you make your dec slant toward the marker(seam) do you make your increasing slant towards the marker(seam) or away from the seam if you are knitting from the wrist up? :??

Again, I’d do them slanting towards the marker regardless of wrist up or top down. I just prefer it that way but either way is fine as long as you’re consistent.

Knitqueen, so you make all your inc and dec slant towards the seam or edge? Do you do that when you shape for the neck and armhole? I am just trying to understand it better so I have it straight in my head. :oops: Sorry to be such a pain.

It depends. For sleeves, I always do the increases or decreases slanting towards the seam. For something like a v-neck or armhole shaping, it depends what kind of look I’m going for. Decreases look more invisible if you slant them towards the edge/seam. For instance, look at the close up picture of the v-neck a ways down in this pattern. The decreases are slanting towards the v-neck edge and they are not very noticeable. Now, take a look at the raglan decreases on this pattern. The decreases are slanting away from the seam and they form a very noticeable ridge of decreases. Do you see what I mean after looking at those two pictures?? If you want that noticeable ridge (which sometimes is a nice look, don’t get me wrong) then go with the decreases slanting away from the edge, and if you want it more invisible, go with the decreases slanting towards the edge.

Wow! On the one with the slants going away from the edge looks like a border they put on. I will change my notes on slants to make them slant towards the edges. Last question on slants because we covered all the rest. :oops: At the sides of your sweater(body) do you make those slants go towards the edge too? If so, if you are knitting in the round where you have a maker you would inc right slanting knit to marker inc left slanting slip marker start next round. right?


I finally got it! :happydance: You have so much patience. :muah: Now I know why you are called knitqueen. :notworthy: I have asked so many times before but it just did not sink in. Helping me with this must have been very frustrating. Thank you, thank you.

No problem. This is one of those things that I had a lightbulb moment about a while back when I finally understood (and could remember!) which ways the decreases slanted and how I wanted to use them in different situations. Glad to help!