Sleeve confusion. Increasing rows How to

Hello. Need help on the following :blush: it’s driving me up the wall.

Cast on 20 stitches and rib for 14 rows. “Done”
Next Row: purl " no problem" to the end.
Increase 1 stitch in the first and next to last and every following row 6 to 22.

1st,5th,and 6th sizes only
Problem understanding the following :
Increase 1 stitch in first and next to last as before in every following row 8 to 28.

Thanking you all in advance :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome!
Is there a pattern name that you can give us? It sounds like there’s a pattern stitch made up of several rows?

Hi and thanks for the response.
The pattern is in garter stick. I hope that’s was what you were asking, I’m quite new at this.

Sometimes it helps if we can see a photo of the finished sweater or check the Ravelry page. That’s why the pattern name is helpful.
Thank you for the pattern stitch though. Garter stitch is helpful to know.
I wonder if this is a translation and it should be “every 6th row to 22sts” and “every 8th row to 28sts”?
If so then for every 8th you would increase on rows 8, 16 and 24.

Here is the picture and the page of the sleeve. I have the knitting down to the second Next row. I’m up to 20 stitches on my needle. Pls excuse annotations.

Thanks again

You’re making the 2nd size? If so, then increase on rows 5,11,17,23 and 29. Ignore the directions for the 1st, 5th and 6th sizes.

Thank you so much. Much appreciated