Sleeve Confusion! Help!

I’ve done the ribbing and the 6 rows and now I’m a bit confused about the inc 1 part. Do I inc 1 in the beginning and end of the 1st and then knit 3 or the other way around? The green text is what size I’m using btw

i think it’s increase at each end of next (7th row from beg) and count the next row after that as 1st then inc at 4th.
Like 7 (from beg) - 11 - 15th row and so on.


Thank you for replying! So I knit 1 more row with the inc then begin my 4 rows?

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Yes, you’ve got it. Thesaladdressing is correct. Knit the next row with the increases then begin the 4 row set with the increases on row 4 in each repeat until you get to 47sts.

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Thank you so much!