Sleeve chart help

I’m having trouble with this chart.I have 52 sts and then I am suppose to start sleeve chart.I’m suppose to incr one st at beg and end of next 3 rows.The pattern says that will give me 58 sts But if you look at the first row of chart It already has 54 sts marked on chart.Is the first square somehow suppose to be the first incr already marked?I checked and there are no mistakes on this pattern.I have never done increases on a chart before:wall::wall::wall::wall::wall: What am I doing wrong?
If you click on picture it will get bigger

I believe that the first row of the chart shows the increase. The chart shows what you’ll have [I]after[/I] you work the row.

So increase in the first and last stitch of the white row as you first increases.

Thanks Ingrid :slight_smile: Is this how most patterns are written or am I just the lucky one to pick this for my first stranded knitting?

That’s the way they’re done. It’s like with charts for lace–the row on the chart shows what the row will look like when it’s done.