Sleeve cast pattern makes no sense to me :(

HI I’m just learning to read knitting patterns. I’m trying to knit a babies cardigan that has the back front and sleeves worked in one piece the pattern is on the web at:

I’m stuck on the sleeve part the instruction says:

[I]Cast on 6 sts at beg of next 8 rows.

I’m currently at 48 stitches a row. My questions are

  1. How do I cast on 6 sts at the beginning of each row surely it’s at the end of the row they’re added?

  2. Do I add an additional 6 stitches for every new row e.g.

row 1: 48sts + 6 (54sts)
row 2: 54sts + 6 (60sts)
row3: 60sts + 6 (66sts)
and so on…

if this is correct after 8 rows I’d have way more than the 96 sts it says I should end up with… so confused.

Any help would be fab, thanks

Welcome to Knitting Help!

Do you have a pattern link? Even if it doesn’t show up as a link because you’re new it’s very helpful when asking questions.

You’ll be increasing by 48 stitches (increase 6 stitches 8 times = 48) so add that to the original 48 and you have have 96.

You can increase in a couple ways. One is to use the backward loop cast on and another is the cable cast on. Both tutorials are in the video section under cast ons.

You’re casting on on each row so it’ll have increases on both sides and it’ll be even for the next point of your pattern.

I’ve knit many seamless baby sweaters, but I’ve never done one like this…is it bottom up? I’ve always done top down and they do the sleeves differently.

Wow quick reply fantastic!
This is the link

I’m still confused. My next row should be 48sts + 6sts and so on for 8 rows, is that what you mean?

thanks so much for your help, loving knitting!

ah or should it be

row 0: pl 48sts
row 1: k 48sts + 6sts
row 2: pl 48sts + 6 sts + 6sts
row 3: k 48sts + 6 sts + 6sts and so on for 8 rows
no that’s not right is it

… I’m finding this so confusing and not sure why I know it’s simple, I’m having a brain block… :slight_smile:

I can’t find your pattern. Maybe you can post the link to it now. I’m really curious about how this works.

this is the link I’ve worked out the sleeves now but I’m sure I’ll be stuck again :slight_smile:

Cute pattern!

You are starting with 48 stitches and on each row for the next 8 rows you increase 6 stitches. Just start increasing 6 stitches at the beginning of the row for the next 8 rows. [B]You are only increasing at the beginning of the row.[/B] So you increase, knit to the end, turn and increase again. Since you are doing it every row it won’t be hard to remember to do it. You know you’re done when you’ve got 96.

Does that help?

perfect spot on thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s right. You have 48 and CO 6 sts at the beginning of the next 8 rows, so that’s an additional 48 sts and you end up with 96 sts. The original 48 plus 24 new sts on each side, like a T.