Sleepy Pom from The Odd Bod Bunch

Hi, I have not been on in a while, or been knitting, much since I have been in school. But decided to use my summer for knitting Christmas gifts. Here is my first completed project, I have many many more toys to make. I think this turned out pretty well. The pattern is Sleepy Pom from Donna Wilson’s “the Knitted Odd-Bod Bunch” Very cute and simple patterns.

I had a hard time with her eyes…

She turned out great! Look forward to seeing the other toys you knit!

I’d give her a cuddle!

What a cute gift! Wouldn’t mind having one myself, but my DGD would think it was for her.

She’s so cute! I have that book…may have to try one myself.

So adorable, and well knit!

Thanks everyone. I am proud of this little project=)