Sleeping bag knitting help requested.

Hello dear Knitters,

I would like to ask you lovely peple for some help on an knitting project I have in mind. As we all know, the sleeping bags in store are all made from synthetics. I don’t want to sleep in synthetic conditions on a long backpacking trip. So I would like to make my own lightweight (2.5 kg) sleeping bag made from organic materials.

For the shell I would like to use organic cotton with a very dense stitch (note: I am not familiar with knitting vocabulaire)
The Insulation will be made of organic merino batting
And the inner liner will be lightweight cotton.

See my influence here:

I would like to ask advice on good and cheap materials. well, the important thing being that the product is good but if it is also cheap also nice.
And I am wondering how I can get started with this project, what do I need.

Thank you very much!

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
You might look at some of the cotton yarn from Knit Picks. It’s nice quality at a reasonable price. Keep in mind the weight of the yarn because a dense knitted fabric is going to use up quite a bit of yarn. That might be heavier than you would like.,PPCGBUS

A cotton blend might be something to think about.

I was more thinking about buying a nice fabric for the inner and outer shell, and then stuffing that with wool batting. any tips on how to do this properly, without the wool displacing?


Ah, more like a quilt then rather than knitting. You’d need to stabilize the fabrics and lining by stitching through all 3 layers. I don’t quilt but this might be a video to get you started: