Slanted stitches in the round

I’m almost done knitting my first baby sweater (yay!) but I noticed the difference in some of my stitches between knitting back and forth and then knitting in the round. As soon as I joined the pattern in the round, my stitches start slanting. You can clearly see where it was joined in the round from the picture attached. It’s probably too late to save this project (or is it? Is there anything I can do?), but what do I do for future projects to prevent this from happening?

A difference between knitting in the round and knitting flat is common. Your seems a bit more pronounced than usual. Washing and drying the sweater and maybe blocking should help. What yarn did you use? Some yarns are more prone to slanted stitches than others.

It really is cute just the way it is IMO and there’s no reason it shouldn’t be worn.

I can’t remember the exact brand, but it’s a baby yarn that’s a bit thinner than I would have liked to use with size 8 needles, but I had some left over from a blanket I knitted for a friend and liked the color. Maybe using thicker yarn or smaller needles would help? I’ll also try blocking when I finish.

It’s just for my daughter and not a gift, so she’ll definitely be wearing it. I’m sure she’ll only get a chance to wear it a few times before she grows out of it, anyway! I was just hoping to make a few more in different sizes and wanted to try to avoid this in the future.

Do you have a pattern link or at least a name?

When I look at the picture close up there is a distinct line across the front where the stitches change. The lower stitches look like twisted stitches. Twisted stitches could create slanted knitting. Is that part of the design or did you do it unintentionally?

Sorry! Here’s where I found the pattern:

I’m kind of a newbie knitter, so I’m not sure what twisted stitches are. The picture is of the back of the sweater; the front has a button band on the top, so it is knitted back and forth on circular needles until the button band is finished and then joined in the round for the body of the sweater. The line is where it was joined in the round after knitting back and forth. I didn’t do anything different while knitting, just joined in in the round and kept going, which is why I’m not sure why the stitches are so slanted after joining in the round.

Thanks for the link. I think I’ll do one too.

Jan, I agree that the stitches look twisted. I’m glad you picked up on that. I had to really enlarge it a lot to see. My head is not up to trying to explain it so I have to leave it to someone else.

This video shows you the usual knit stitch where you knit into the front of the loop and also the twisted knit stitch where you knit into the back of the loop.

See if you’re knitting into the back of the loop.
The sweater looks very nicely done regardless.

The way some yarns are plied can look a bit like that, but since the top part of the sweater looks fine that’s not it…

Do you knit combined? That’s where you twist the stitch on the front of the work by and untwist it on the back. Since you don’t work on the back when knitting in the round they will stay twisted.

Yup… watched the video and I definitely knit into the back of the loop. I’m such a newbie, I didn’t know it made a difference! I did that on top, too, but apparently it makes more of a difference in the round? Regardless, the sweater is finished and I think it looks OK, so I’m going to pretend I did it on purpose and not make that mistake again! Thanks for helping me figure this out!

Knitting through to back loop is sometimes done on purpose. You’ll know what to do when you see an instruction such as k1 tbl or knit 1 through the back loop.

As I mentioned you may have been unknowingly untwisting the twisted stitches on the back. When knitting I the round you don’t work on the back so the stitches stay twisted. At least you know now and the sweater looks cute as it is!