Sl2kwise-k1-p2sso ... say what?

Hi there… i’m new to this website/forum… hope i’m putting this in the right place…

I need help reading patterns… I’m going to attempt a shawl for my mom( Homespun Diamond Knit Shawl off Lion Brand website)

i don’t know what sl2kwise-k1-p2sso is…

also how do you “(K1, P1) in first st”? is there a video in the increase section that’s the same but just by a different name?

I’m a beginner knitter who’s only projects include scarves & other flat easy stuff and just recently made my first hat (yay) … any help would be appreciated… thanks :knitting:

Do you know how to sl 1, k1, psso? This is slip2 as if to knit them together, but just put them on the right needle, knit the next st, then pass the 2 slipped stitches over it. A k1,p1 in the next stitch is an increase like knit front and back which is also called a bar increase. You knit the stitch but leave it on the needle, then purl it in the back loop.

yay thanks! I’ll watch the video on the bar increase later and try it tonight :O)