sl2k does that just mean slip 2 stitches knit-wise?
Because I made a mistake and slip 2 then knit them :teehee:
I attached the pattern. It’s in Step 2

Vintage style baby bonnet.pdf (67.5 KB)

Normally I’d agreed with you and say that Sl2K means Slip 2 stitches knitwise. However, having read the pattern I think it’s a typo and should be SSK because there are 72 (74 76) stitches at then end of stage 1/begining of stage 2 and you have 8 stitches less after working each decrease row (apart from row 15). The 4 K2tog will take out 4 stiches so there needs to be 4 SSK to balance this out.

It’s not your fault. It’s a combination of a strange abbreviation and no glossary in the pattern.

Well that’s good news! :slight_smile: I had already did that for one row. So now I don’t have to rip anything out. Thanks for your help

That’s so cute! I need a baby to knit for,

I don’t have babies to knit for either that’s why I sell them :slight_smile: