I made the Candle Flame Shawl and when I did the sl2-k1-p2sso I ended up with a definite left twisty slant instead of it looking like a row of V’s or ss stitch. How do I do the slipping … These pictures don’t show mine very well but there is NOT a line of V’s!

slip as if to knit … one at a time ? both together? do I psso both together? one at a time? which one first ???

I slipped mine one at a time, knitwise and it came out like it was supposed to, you were probably slipping the stitches purlwise, weren’t you? The general rule is that when decreases involves slipping stitches, you always slip knitwise, but for anything else, always purlwise.

I am slipping knitwise … I think it is the psso where I am having a problem … I scoop the stitch from the top and over … should I be going under (knit wise) then over … I will go try that …

I usually slip both at the same time, knitwise, then knit and pass them over at the same time.