Sl2 as if to k-k1-p2sso?

How do I do this?
sl1, sl1, k1, p2sso?

Slip 1 st, then slip another one. Knit the next one. Then slip the left-hand needle into the 2 slipped stitches and OVER the knitted stitch and OFF the right-hand needle.

Does that help???

I agree you just slip the stitch to the right needle then do it again and then knit the next stitch and then take the left needle and slip it under the 2 stitches you slipped and bring them over the right needles end. It sounds hard to do but really isnt that hard. You can do it…Good luck!

I’ve more commonly seen this as sl2, k1 , p2sso (slip the two stitches together as if to k1tog), but I guess there’s a reason they want you to do them one at a time. It’s not hard, but the p2sso can be a little tricky if your stitches are on the tight side.

There’s a video here that shows the SKP decrease, which is similar. The only difference is that in the video, she’s only slipping (and passing over) [I]one[/I] stitch, where you’ll be slipping (and passing over) [I]two[/I].

It’s like sssk - slip 3 sts separately then knit tog tbl, a 3 stitch ssk. All the stiches will lean to the left and it mirrors a k3tog.