sl1wyf purlwise at end of a row


I’m knitting a scarf and right now there are 2 repeating rows. Row 2 ends with sl1wyf purlwise and Row 1 begins with a knit stitch. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but my edge looks horrible. If I end with yarn in the front, when I flip my knitting over the yarn is in the back; I shouldn’t be doing anything special when I knit that first stitch in Row 1, correct?


That should work to give a nice edge. What scarf pattern are you following? Is it a garter stitch pattern or something else?
Here’s a similar way to work the edges.


Thanks for the reply! I’m following the Sands of Coolness knitting pattern. I think I must have been leaving the ends too loose, because I made a conscious effort to tighten them up today and it’s starting to look better. I was just afraid I was supposed to be doing something special that I was missing. Thank you!


Great! Very pretty pattern.