"sl 5 wyif"?


I’m working on my first pair of pretty intricate socks and am totally and utterly confuzzled.

I know that “sl wyif” means “slip stitches with yarn in front” and I’m pretty sure I know what that means, but this pattern says sl 5 wyif. 5??? isn’t that, like, not possible?? I mean, wouldn’t it leave a large space from the last st you did to the 6th?

Once again, HELP!!!

You won’t have a space, but the strand of yarn [I]will[/I] cross in front of those 5 stitches. Keep going, apparently that’s part of the pattern stitch.

thank you so much!

oooo, sounds like the beginning of a butterfly stitch.
You do that slip thingee for a few rows and then on the last row of that particular stitch pattern it’ll tell you how to gather up all those wyif’s Makes a perty stitch. Looks like a butterfly!!:thumbsup: