Sl 1 wyif

I want to knit a scarf and the directions say to sl 1 wyif. I think im going to have extra stitches so what am i doing wrong ? The directions dont say extra stitches.

I think we need to know more to have any chance of answering that question. Do you have a link or can you tell where the pattern comes from in case someone has it to look at? At least explain the situation more. How many stitches do you start the row with and what exactly are the row’s directions?

the pattern is from the knitsimple mag. fall 2010. It is patt. 3 the berry scarf and hat. im on the slip stitch pattern row 1 -12. i started with 40 stitches not sure what i have now. Just need a simple answer on how to do the sl 1 wyif and later its sl1 wyib.


thanks to all…i figured it out.


Slipping a stitch doesn’t add or decrease stitches, it just means to move it from one needle to another.