I took the puppy out to pee last night and while he was sniffing around for just the right spot he wondered into a shadow and startled a skunk ! UGH. My eyes were burning so bad. I’m sure his were too. I almost felt bad for him as I was outside scrubbing him at 11pm instead of sleeping but then I came in and the house smells too.

We live in the country and I have come to accept that deer enjoy hosta, bear enjoy sunflower seeds, turtles enjoy breeding in my garden…but skunks…

Eek! I can smell them once in a while but not like that. I don’t envy you at all.

One of those once in a lifetime moments, you hope, scrubbing the puppy at 11pm.
Our dog loved running into the woods when we stayed in the country, especially since he could roll in the worst smelling patch he could find.

The exact same thing happened to my Mom one night! So she had to go to the store and get peroxide to scrub the dog with at 10:30. In the morning The house smelled like sulfur.:mmm: Yummy yummy!

Then when my sis was giving birth at home, her dog got sprayed! so they had to send the dog over here to get washed. Thankfully it is only a mile!

1/2 a regular sized tube of CREST toothpaste does one medium sized short haired dog.
and leaves your pet smelling minty-fresh!

I have heard to tomato juice for skunk odor. Did not know about Crest toothpaste or peroxide. Interesting.

Tomato is mess, peroxide can sting, but crest works REALLY well.

(just ask me how I know this…)

years ago, I was coming back from the barn to the house, it was just dark.
Fiddle, my american foxhound from the pound, VERY exuberantly bounded into a little group of baby skunks playing in the yard.
hit them all head on, when heels over tail in the midst of them.

Just what I needed, 10pm, and work the next day, up at 4am to do barn chores (I had a number of horses) and then into the city 2 hours away for 8am.

wasn’t funny then, but it kinda sorta is now.

It wasn’t our first skunk encounter, by any means.

next story: the day the skunk fell into the basement through an open window.

life is never dull. always have a spare tube of toothpaste handy. You’ld be amazed the uses it has in a barn.

Does this thread popping up mean the dog is going to find another skunk?!?!

I ended up using a mixture of peroxide, baking soda and Dawn dish soap to wash him. Then I found out about Nature’s Miracle Skunk Remover…I bought a gallon : ) It can be used on the dog and clothing.

I was in a restaurant once and one of the patrons got sprayed by a skunk when they startled it as it was attacking the garbage in the back parking lot. The patron came back into the restaurant to wash up and contaminated the rest of us. The stench was that powerful.

While the odor saturated all of out clothing, I found that it stuck most heavily to leather. It took more that a week for the smell to disappear from out belts and shoes.