Skull sweater

My son has been after me to make him a sweater with a skull on it for a long time (ever since I made my neice a poncho with one on it) and last night I finally finished it just in time for Halloween. I started it about a week ago. The skull pattern is by Domiknitrix and can be found here
personally I love this skull pattern.
The sweater pattern is from lion Brand yarn found here

That is just wonderful! Love it. :heart: It would take me weeks to finish.


What an awesome sweater!!!

Love it! I still plan on incorporating that skull into something one day…lol…The sweater I’ve been working on for hubby (for the past 2 years…lol) has me totally annoyed with sweaters right now…lol

That looks great! Did you use Fair Isle or some sort of Intarsia in the round?

Wow you did a great job. Love the little skulls on the sleeves as well. So far I have mittens, hat and scarf with skulls on the list for my son, may just have to put this one on the list as well.

Looks great . My son would love one of those :slight_smile:

Looks fantastic on him and you did a great job! :notworthy:

That is one killer good sweater. Nice job.

:happydance: it looks great!!

Are you serious? You did that in a week? Wow, you are fast.

I’m not into the whole skull thing, but my 8 year old DGS loves them too and sports them all the time. Nice work on it. Nice hoodie sweater and I’m sure he will prize it for the skulls. LOL

Great work! Stranded knitting kicks my butt…so I really envy your ability to create such a great looking sweater! So even and smooth! No puckering! Very nice!

That is one awesome sweater! :cheering: And one lucky kid.

way too cool!