Skull Mitt

I could only post the picture of the mitten, but I have a matching ear flap hat. I made them with Knit Picks Swish. This yarn is so soft. I made the set for my sister as a birthday gift. Although they are a week late. Oh well better late then never is what they say.


Nice job!!

They look brilliant ! :slight_smile:

Those are nice!

:happydance: Great job!

They look great. You did a nice a job and you are right, better late than never! My motto exactly.:slight_smile:

Fantastic! :slight_smile:

Very cool! Nice even colorwork, too. I know how you feel about Swish. I [I]love[/I] it!

Wicked :thumbsup:

Looks great!

Very very nice work! Color work is challenging!

That’s awesome! Where did you find the pattern?

I actually had a skull hat pattern found here
and just made the chart work for my mitten pattern that I always use.


What a cute pattern! She must have been thrilled to receive the set!

she put the hat right on when I gave it her. and then when I saw her later on that week she was wearing it. I’m thrilled that she likes it and she’s happy with something no one else in our area has. She’s unique and likes her stuff to be the same.