Skull and crossbones pattern help needed

I can’t seem to find a pattern for a skull and crossbone scarf or purse that doesn’t make you knit off of a chart. :hair:

My problem is I can’t read charts. It’s not a matter of I haven’t learned how it’s a problem of I have literally no ability to (it’s a learning disability, charts, maps, two dimentinal pics, spacial skills, all at the level of a Kindergardner :wall: ). Anyhow, I would really love to knit either a skull scarf or felted purse for my cousin for Christmas, but I need the pattern to be written.

Can anyone help me?!? Pretty Please With a Cherry on Top…and Thank You.

Have you found a chart that you like? If so I can try to interpret it for you.

I don’t think you’ll find a pattern for a picture that’s written out. Believe me, it would be soooo much harder than following a chart.

Here is the pattern I really like. If someone could write it out for me I will be their best friend.

Believe me, it would be soooo much harder than following a chart.

The problem is my brain basically can’t see the chart. All I see is a bunch of lines and boxes, but I can’t translate it into a picture. I got tested in college for a learning disability and they found that the spatial portion of my brain pretty much doesn’t work. If the chart or pattern is written out I can pick it up just fine.

What if you block everything except the line you’re working on? Can you see it then? You know–3 white, 2 blue, etc. The charts are only read one line at a time, anyway.

I’ve tried. The problem is trying to ‘convert’ a 2D image into a 3D image.

And the charts are one side…I don’t know how to explain…I can’t see a box and make a stitch out of it. It just doesn’t compute…Believe me it is SUPER frustrating. But if it’s written, I’m fine. My brain just doesn’t think in pictures. If I needed to tell a sketch artist what someone looked like I couldn’t because honestly I know what my mom looks like, and have no prob. identifying her, but I can’t picture her in my head.

I can’t read maps :shrug: , and you give me a 10 things to put into a trunk, I will get two in, and there will be no more room, you give those same 10 things to a 6 year old and they will prob. get 6 of them in before they run out of room, but you give them to an adult they’ll get all 10 things in and still have room for other stuff.

I’ll write it out for you.You just need me to write like k3 white K5 blue?
Just email me

Heres your skull & crossbones pattern This is for FLAT knitting if you need it in the round just read rows from left to right


Row1 k3w
Row2 k3W k2b k20w k2b k3w
Row3 k3w k2b k20w k2b k3w
Row4 k1w k4b k5w k2b k2w k2b k2w k2b k5w k4b k1w
Row5 k1w k5b k4w k2b k2w k2b k2w k2b k4w k5b k1w
Row6 k4w k3b k3b k2b k2w k2b k2w k2b k3w k3b k4w
Row7 k5w k3b k2w k2b k2w k2b k2w k2b k2w k3b k5w
Row8 k6w k18b k6w
Row9 k7w k16b k7w
Row10 K7w k7b k2w k7b k7w
Row11 k6w k8b k2w k8b k6w
Row12 K6w k18b k6w
Row13 k6w k4b k4w k2b k4w k4b k6w
Row14 K6w k4b k4w k2b k4w k4b k6w
Row15 k6w k4b k4w k2b k4w k4b k6w
Row16 K6w k4b k4w k2b k4w k4b k6w
Row17 k7w k16b k7w
Row18 K6w k18b k6w
Row19 k5w k20b k5w
Row20 K4w k3b k2w k12b k2w k3b k4w
Row21 K1w k5b k4w k10b k4w k5b k1w
Row22 k1w k4b k7w k6b k7w k4b k1w
Row23 K3w k2b k20w k2b k3w
Row24 k3w k2b k20 k2b k3w
Row25 K30w

And thats your pattern.Enjoy Julie

YOU GUYS ARE ASWOME!!! :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: