SKP Pattern Confusion - Any Help?

I am going through this pattern and came across this section on page two. I will post the link to the PDF of the full pattern in a reply to this (can’t post a link since this is my first post :happydance: )

Round 3: k 14, skp; *k 13, skp. Repeat from * 4 times. [U]On the 4th skp, you will slip the stitch, remove marker, knit the next stitch and skp.[/U] Replace marker. (Your marker will travel 1 stitch to the left).

I am somewhat confused about what is meant by the underlined section.

It appears to me that of the 15 stitches of each “region” 13 are knits and the other two are the skp. I am not sure what the instruction means.

Do I continue with the skp (finishing out the section) then basically skp again? My concern with that is that the next section will then have 1 less stitch than the other sections (which the instructions make no mention of).

My other thought is since it mentions removing the marker after skipping the stitch (which would normally be behind the 15th stitch) then maybe they mean to knit the 14th stitch then skp on the 15th stitch and the first stitch of the next section. (same result as above, though).

Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated! I figured this might be a common phrase that I am unfamiliar with (I am a relatively new knitter), but I couldn’t find anything about it online.

Article for pattern - link to pdf is right under the pictures.

I was able to figure out what I was doing wrong. Thank you for anyone who had taken time to look into it. I can post the solution if anyone is curious.


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I’ve knit this hat before and plan to make another one. It has a wonderful stitch pattern on both sides.

Yes, we’d be happy to know what you did to answer your question. The posts here also serve as an archive so that others with the same question can search and find an answer.

In these decrease rows you’re short one stitch for a full repeat so you move the end of round marker over one and change the start of the next round. It won’t affect your ability to complete subsequent rows which also steal a stitch from the next round.

Dear lisenbe8,

I have the exact same questions.Please tell me how you worked it out.I have been stuck at this point for ages.

please help!!!

Hi upasanac and welcome to KH!
The end of post #4 mentions that you complete the round with the last skp by removing the marker and replacing it one stitch to the left. That gives you enough sts to do the final skp.

Thank you Salmonmac for the quick response.I’m a beginner so the very obvious seems very obscure to me!! Can you explain the 4th skp? So I slip the stitch then remove the marker,then knit the next stitch but do not pass?then do an skp again?or does the pattern simply mean that in this skp I should move the marker on the left …

Slip the stitch, remove the marker, knit one stitch and pass slipped stitch over the knit stitch. Then replace the marker. That’s it.
Now you’re ready to knit the next round.

thanks!!! my Graham is done finally!!

Congrats! We’d love to see a photo over in Whatcha’ Knitting if you’d like to post one.