Skirt I knitted for my daughter

Hi, I hope I have resized and posted the pictures correctly - I am not very good at driving the digital camera or the computer unfourtunatley.

I just finished this skirt today. The knitting part was easy but the sewing up was a bit trickier (for me). Previously I had trouble with mattress stitch and had given up on it but watched Amy’s online vid yesterday and the light bulb finally went off although I did still tend to lose my place when sewing across and probably went a bit crooked in places.

I used a pattern and wool from “Naturally Handknit yarns”. It is a wash n wear doubleknit wool called “Magic Garden”. The pattern shows a long sleeved top/sweater and matching skirt done in stripes in sections - 3 different colours but my DD just wanted it in blue.

If this comes out properly I will attempt to post some more images of my knitting. Although I don’t always comment I do like looking at all the lovely things others have put on this forum.


That’s beautiful! Great job…I love that yarn. Your dd is fabulous in her new threads.


Beautiful job!! :thumbsup:

That’s fantastic!

When I read “knitted skirt” I though :?? But seeing it on your daughter it looks fabulous.

Well done :smiley:

Love it! Very cute…makes me want one!

That is fabulous! Wonderful job!

That is great. I am going to have to check out the pattern. It fits your DD perfectly!


:smiley: So cute!! And I like the skirt, too :wink: LOL, your dd is adorable :wink: You did a fantastic job on her skirt…just perfect :smiley:

Wow! That came out beautiful! I love it! Your daughter is a cutie, too!

That is gorgeous! Lovely job =D

Very nice!

Very pretty!

That is beautiful! I wish I’d known how to knit when my dd was small. Well, she’s still small, but she’s now grown. :lol:

Your adorable little girl looks mighty sassy in her smart new skirt. :thumbsup:

Wow! She can show off to all her friends and they’ll go running to thier mum’s saying “make me a skirt!!!”

Just darling! Love the flirty bottom edge. I’m sure your daughter is loving it too - so girly! :smiley:

Hello again, thanks everyone for the compliments. I am glad the skirt fit her as I have a habit of knitting for the next size up as she is 7 1/2 I usually go up to an 8 and as she is petitie the garments are often too large but I hate the idea of spending all that time and effort knitting something only to find it barely fits and is hardly worn. With this pattern it didn’t specify age but went by measurements and I kind of guessed as you had to measure 3 areas and they weren’t all corresponding with the same size.

I was also a bit unsure about how much elastic to use but it seems to have worked out. Now I just have to try and deflect my son (4 years old) who wants to be just like big sis and wants me to knit him a skirt too. Oh well, it will motivate me to finish the jumper I am making for him, I am procrastinating a bit as I am up to the bit where I have to pick up stitches at the neck, do a neckband and sew up the garment, argh.

Very cute! Oh… and the skirt is nice too! :wink: That yarn looks wild!

OMG Rida is sooooo jealous !!! She totally wants one !!! I love it !!!

Too cute! :thumbsup: