Skipping sts as a crossover


I’ve been seeing patterns for months now that use skipping stitches as a crossover. I’ve always put them on the side since I didn’t get it.

For example:
Row 2: K4, *P1, work [B]right cross on 2 sts as follows: skip 1, p next st, p skipped st, drop original ssts from left needle[/B]., work 3 more etc…

When I attempt to skip 1 then purl the next one I can’t purl the skipped one without dropping it which i’m NOT supposed to do. Why is that considered a crossover? Can’t I just put that skipped sts on a cable needle and hold it back (since it’s a right cross over)?

Thanks guys!

Sure you can do it, especially when you’re new to this, and it also allows you to see what you’re doing. After a while, you might find the cable needle more of a hindrance and that it may be easier to just knit the 2nd st, then the first without taking the 1st off the needle.

Just a suggestion, you may have to purl the 2nd stitch from behind, not in front; this kind of twist is usually done on the knit side though, where it’s much easier to do.