Skip first stitch, Purl through the Back Loop?

Question on what they are asking me to do here:

[B]skip next st, p in BACK loop of next st, k skipped st (T L 2)[/B]
I know how to purl through the back loop, but to do that after ‘skipping’ the first stictch is darn near impossible! Try it!

Do you think they mean to “SLIP” instead of "SKIP?"
Can anyone give me any direction here or at least more detailed instructions?

The pattern can be found at, it’s called Irish Sweater, it is for a man. I would post a link, but this website won’t allow me to. Sorry!


No, they mean skip.

By skipping a stitch, working the next stitch, then coming back to the skipped stitch you are creating a cable/twist without using a cable needle.

You would skip over the 1st st, but leave it on the left needle, work the 2nd st, then go back to the 1st st. This will twist the sts like a mini cable st.