Ski hat pattern

I am looking for a men’s ski hat pattern that is more helmut shaped than with earflaps. My son wants the flap to blend into the back instead of a distinct earflap. Any help you can give me would be appreciated. I have spent hours googling w/o any success. This is my first time trying this approach. I have been knitting for a long time, but never a hat. Thank you mayme

What if you added some short rows to the bottom edge of the back half of the hat?

I couldn’t find any either; sorry. But I have an idea. How about you make a hat like normal. Then when it’s done, pick up&knit some sts around the ear area and do some strategic decreases. Amy has some decreasing options under basic techniques. :thinking:

I have been wanting to make this one, but the cost of the pattern is putting it off.

Good luck!

how about one of these!?!?!


:roflhard: You got me, Carol! I clicked this link and almost peed my pants (again!!). I made that scary Brady Bunch girl my screen saver for a day when the first threads about the pattern came up!!


heheee! :wink:

Back to the helmet hat, ladies! The current IK has a hat like that for children. You could, I’m sure adjust it for an adult.

OK–back to the silliness! :smiley: