Skewers?!? They called them “skewers”!! I was working on my socks and these two guys called my DPN’s “skewers” :nails:. I think one of them even mentioned something about “shish kabob”.

Mm … should I have stabbed them with my “shish kabob”???

[CENTER][FONT=Garamond][SIZE=1][I](Note: They weren’t being meanies in their observations, but still - “skewers”?) :tap:[/I][/SIZE][/FONT]

Boys are so dumb sometimes. :roll:

That really weird.
What did they think you were going to do, BBQ your socks? :teehee:

lol That’s so funny! Now that you mention it, my bamboo dpns kind of do remind me of skewers. Hmm… :??

in an older post someone actually said they found a whole bunch of 'skewers" for about $2, she bought them and found out they were a great size 2 dpn.:roflhard:

I don’t think it’s so weird…they ARE shaped like skewers only smaller. :teehee:

The skewers I use for Kebabs are a perfect size 2 and with a light burnishing with waxed paper make perfect, smooth and cheap sock needles!

I have a friend who uses Pick-up sticks! (how many come in a game package…a couple hundred?) LOL

Go figure! :wink:

Sweeeeeeeeeeet!!! No why didn’t I think of that? :slight_smile:



not all boys, braden. you’re one of the smart ones. you knit! :wink:

At least Braden had the elegance not to counter with “gosh girls can be dumb sometimes too!” :slight_smile:

I’ve heard of people sanding skewers and using them and dpn’s DO look a lot like skewers. Same shape and all.