SKB -- My sleeve tension doesn't match!

Well, I’ve been working on the Simple Knitted Bodice and everything’s going quite well. My only trouble is that since I retrieved my live sleeve stitches and began working them on four DPNs, the tension is obviously a little bit different than the main body of the sweater (which was knit on circulars).

Yes, I realize now I should have done a gauge swatch for the sleeve before I started. I’ve tried loosening up my tension as I knit but that only results in sloppy looking mismatched knitting. So I’m considering going up one needle size – except that when I count my stitches per inch on the sleeve and compare it to stitches per ince in the main body, they both appear to be the same!:shrug: This even thought the sleeve stitches definitely look smaller.

I’m just a little bit puzzled. It’s not a major issue, but I’d like them to match as much as possible. Any suggestions? Thanks so much.

If the gauge is correct, than your sleeve is correct, no matter how the stitches look. Now, if your [I]gauge[/I] was smaller, then you would have to go up a needle size. But, since they’re the same, it doesn’t matter. Once you wash and block the sweater, the stitches will even out, no problem.

Sorry, I neglected to mention I’m using an acrylic, RHSS, as my main yarn, so unfortunately I think that blocking isn’t an option (my contrasting yarn is bamboo).

Here’s another possible factor: I knit the main body using metal circs, and when it came to the sleeves I switched to wooden DPNs. Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time :rollseyes:, but now I’m not so sure. Do you think that could be affecting the gauge?

I f your guage is the same it should be okay. After you get going a little maybe it’ll relax and look better. If not, after you wash it everything should even out. I wouldn’t think there’d be too big a difference and I don’t know too many people that are going to come up to you, whip out a stitch/row guage and start measuring you. :wink: Relax.

The Simple Knitted Bodice is a pullover?

I don’t now the answer, but I thought I’d share something… I was knitting a baby cardigan on circulars so it was back and forth in stockinette. When I picked up the sleeves on DPNs to knit in the round I found my knitting was tighter and I figured it was because there was no purling. I went up a size in DPNs and it worked perfectly. The point of this rant was to say that do whatever works to get the look you want. If the problem is that the stitches just don’t look as nice on DPNs you can always use Magic Loop or two circs, too.

As always gauge swatches are necessary for garments. Mine is for charity so I didn’t bother. :wink:

Even if they don[I] look[/I] the same, the gauge match, so when you wash it, they’ll even out perfectly, no worries!

Thank you to everyone who responded, your encouragement is much appreciated.

This is my first big project and it’s been a fun learning experience. I don’t want to obsess TOO much about it but I have noticed this obvious difference in tension on one or two previous projects. I’m pretty sure that as I get more practice (and remember to gauge swatch!) things will come together for me.

Thanks again!:muah:

If this is any consolation, I think this happens to a lot of us when we do sleeves, etc. on dpns. A lot of people have their gauge change on the dpns. I don’t know if 2 circulars would change things or not, I haven’t tried that as a cure. I do go up to a larger size needle much of the time in this sort of case.

ContiKnitter keeps saying if the gauge is the same, it doesn’t matter how it looks to you. I suppose this would be true if it was really the case, but I suspect if it looks different it is different. Measuring gauge can be tricky. You may get a bit of evening out even with the acrylic yarn, but I think you’d want it to “look” the same, or as close as you can get it while you are knitting. Gauge gives me fits sometimes. Trying to change your knitting to fix it may work, but mine can change all over the place. :ick: Probably changing needles is the best fix, but you may need to start your sleeve over. No fun, but good practice. :lol:

Doing a swatch would not really have helped, the sleeve itself is probably about the best swatch you could have. :lol: Changing the type of needles like you did, metal to wooden could be part of the problem too. You would think that a size __ needle is a size __ needle no matter the material, but they all knit a little differently, or can. :pout:

I think I would use whatever needle I needled to get the whole thing to look the same, or as close as you can get it. Good luck. :pray: Merigold