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For a girlfriends Birthday, problem is she is a bigger girl, should I just cast on more stitches for a bigger size? Or root around for a plus size pattern? Reason I picked this one is that its dead easy something I can do and it was nice looking.

Thanks for your help.

You could use a heavier weight yarn (chunky, bulky) and larger needles to get a larger finished object.

You can cast on more sts and do the ribbing longer, that would get you a larger size too.

Or you could look for a similar pattern that has larger sizes? See if this one is a possibility…

Here’s a few patterns that are almost identical, but have a lot more sizes.

They are free and Ravelry is free to join.

Another link. I think I might try this one.

Thanks I appreciate it, a couple look like something I maybe able to do!

I have done a few scarves and a hat and a few fingerless gloves, so her wanting this was a good! I was looking for something different to make. Tho reading the patterns are confusing for me. ahh well saying I am a beginner is a great excuse!

Thanks much for your help!

Being a beginner is such an adventure. Sometimes things make absolutely no sense unless you have the yarn and needles in front of you and you’ve worked to the point that you are working things out step by step as the pattern says, then if you’re still stuck, someone here can help! I get lots of help so I know it’s true.

One problem with the original link you posted is that with no gauge it’s really difficult to know what the finished size is. For more experienced knitters, they can probably figure it out, but I can’t. It’s so cute, too!

Whatever you choose to make, enjoy and be sure to ask for help. Take a leap and go for it. You can do it, :yay: you know that I hope.

We all had to learn sometime and it’s awkward and confusing for anyone at first.

Read your pattern and look up (or ask) what the terms mean. There is a glossary at the top of the page, too.

I learned 5 or 6 yrs ago and I learned a lot just by reading the forum. Other peoples questions and replies are very helpful!