What size hat and mitts should I make for my 4 month old grandson in this pattern by Premiere Yarns Larkspur Hat and Mitts , if I want it to fit now ,for this Winter The baby is about 17 pounds. Thanks so much I wasn’t sure if I should go with the Infant size or 1 year.

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Since your grandson’s head will be the deciding factor, if it’s possible to get a measurement, that measurement can be your deciding factor, as the pattern indicates 14,15 or 16 inch circumference. If you want this to be a surprise, try estimating by comparing what you know of his head size to a canteloupe or other round item and measure that and use as your estimate. the mitts are not as critical as the sizing doesn’t change that much.
I hope this helps!

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There are centile charts for head circumference available online which might help.
If you were to ask for a measurement of baby’s head now you can see which centil this falls on for age and be able to see what the circumference will be over the coming months and years.
Whilst asking for a measurement now kind of gives the game away for a surprise gift it would mean you have a relatively good idea over the coming months and years of the size needed for all sorts of clothes for little one as he grows.
Babies don’t change their centile growth much, passing across one line higher or lower is normal but wouldn’t greatly effect the size of clothes. Passing by 2 lines is unusual and often raises a question from medical professionals.
So basically if you’re able to find out now or after the next check up head, length and weight you can have more confidence in choosing what sizes to knit for the next several years.

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It’s not going to be a surprise gift Thanks so much for all your help Do you have any suggestions of a good sizing chart?

If you Google “centile head curcumference” you’ll get results (click images to see results). Mostly the charts are a bunch of curves labelled with 5th, 10th, 25th etc centile lines. In the UK parents have a red book with the charts inside which are marked off at intervals.

Here is an example of head measurements which is as a data chart rather than curve which is maybe easier?
This doesn’t show length or weight just head. Note also the charts are different for male and female as growth rates differ…and all the sizes are “normal” as humans naturally range in size.

They tend to look like this

You may have a preference for one type or another.
The charts for length may help choose sizes based on finished item in your pattern too.

I should just add, I’m not an expert on baby size or charts, I do know different countries use different charts, you may want to select one from your own country as sizes may differ across nations ethnic backgrounds and such, I’m not sure.

There’s a head circumference chart here:

It’s from an American organisation.

They also have hand size charts, but annoyingly don’t include babies.

That will be a lovely present!

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I like the table from Bev’s Country Cottage. These are head sizes so as she notes, make the hat 1-1 1/2 inches smaller in circumference. She also gives hat height which is helpful.

Sweet pattern and free too!

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