I finally found the perfect slipper pattern, (NO SEAMING!- I hate seaming). Anyway it is a pattern for adults, and I want to make them for my kid, who is about a size 5 kids. Any Ideas on how many stitches I would cast on?

There’s so much shaping involved in these slippers that it’s really going to be difficult to size down from a man’s foot to a child’s. And these slippers have a seam running down from the top of the cuff down along the sole (see p.2).
What about one of these patterns specifically written for children:’s%20slipper%20seamless%20knitting&page=1&sort=best

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Whenever you have to make such drastic changes to a pattern to change the size, you will just have to re-write a whole new pattern from scratch! That might be more work than you want to do right now.

A simpler way is to take the smallest pattern, and use a finer yarn and smaller needles. How much smaller, I can’t tell. That will depend on your own personal knitting tension. Do a swatch to find out.

Since it is a fairly simple garter stitch pattern, I think you can just make it up yourself. You may have to do several to get exactly what you want, and that might be more work than you want to do. Search through many pattern sources – this is a common pattern, and you should be able to find a child’s sizing somewhere.