Sizing Yarn?

I’m looking at cone yarn on ebay and some are marked 80/20, 30/2, 6/2, etc. Can someone explain to me the system or point me to a good link? I haven’t found one. Thanks.

Not sure what that means… :??

I think it has to do with ply (the 2nd number) and wpi or warps per inch as in weaving.

Is it from Colourmart? It sounds like their coding. It generally means how many plies of yarn twisted together. I just spent a couple of hours yesterday at their website drooling. Some of the yarn has 2 or 3 plies twisted together and then they twist several of those together on up to worsted weight.

None in peticular. Most don’t tell you if it is the size of worsted, fingering, etc. They just have those sets of numbers and I don’t know what they mean. I emailed one but they never replied before the auction ended. Bummer, because the prices are good, but I want a little info before bidding.

it’s to do with weaving - I have no idea what they actually mean, but it’s terminology about using the yarn to weave. I looked it up once because I was trying to get an idea of the gauge of some pretty yarns and those were the only numbers they gave. I finally managed to cross reference between that and another site that gave both gauge and weaving numbers.

Go to
Click on "information"
Go down to “counts” and to the chart at the bottom of that page.
Then go back to the information page and click on “tension/gauge” and compare the 2 pieces of info.

Thank you Brittyknits. That was what I was looking for, but it is confusing. Why don’t the sellers on ebay just state that the yarn is approximately the size of Dk, worsted, etc. to start with? It would help sells I’m sure.

For weavers DK or Worsted mean nothing. That’s not how they size yarns.

Hiya Lighting,
I just did a search and Halcyon yarn specializes in yarn for knitters and weavers. So they use both types of sizing. The yarn council equivalents and the WPI or wraps per inch.
Here is an extensive list of their yarns put into categories of popular knitting weights and with their respective WPI’s listed also.
Hope that helps ya.