Sizing up

Good afternoon everyone!

I have a question regarding sizing a pattern.

I would like to make these http://kre8tivknits.files.wordpress…rless-mits.pdf for my dad’s birthday. I am using Patons Shetland Chunky. I have the choice between Size 9 US and 10.5 US needles.

It says “one size fits all” but when I look at the picture, the model’s arms are definitely smaller than my dad’s arms. I would CO 18 stitches like it recommends for myself, but how many do you typically add to the CO to make it a size larger? Or is this a “try and rip it out” situation? I’m sure my husband will try one on when he gets home from work, but I want to avoid as much frogging as possible.


I couldn’t get the link to work…I’m thinking this is the pattern though?

The 2x2 Ribbing will give stretch to the gloves so it is possible they will fit a larger size…I don’t see a gauge on the pattern but if you find out how many sts you get per inch then you could CO to give you another inch. Or try larger needles…:thumbsup:

That’s the pattern, and that’s a good idea, I never thought of that!

Back to the CO I go I guess, thanks!

Use the 10.5 needles and see how many sts per inch you get; then see if that many stitches will fit his hand. The arms have nothing to do with the sizing, ribbing will stretch to fit, you want to measure around the palm of his hand.

Thanks for this tip!