Sizing Socks

So, I’ve only knit socks for myself and people who’s feet I can measure so far. How do I know how much to knit if all I have is their shoe size? I want the socks to be a surprize so I don’t want to ask them to measure their foot, but I also want them to fit!

I’ve seen a chart for this somewhere. I’ll keep a look out for it and post it when I find. Hopefully someone else will have the chart bookmarked and can post it faster than I can find it. :smiley:

I use but have no idea how reliable it is. (I’m in the same position – am in the middle of a pair of socks that’s a gift for someone who has no idea, and I know her shoe size but that’s it. I’m kind of worried that they’re going to be too small. or too large. or something. :shifty:)

thanks for the chart link. I can convert it to inches now. :slight_smile:

About has charts for men shoe size
Or for womans shoe sizes
it matches the sizes i have for me and my kids, so I feel confident


If the socks come out too big just drop something heavy on their feet.

:roflhard::roflhard: I’ll have to remember that one, Mason!