Sizing question

I’ve got a pattern with two sizes 35" and 39"… I’m 37". I’ll be using a cotton/hemp blend (Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy) and I’m wondering which size would be better? I’m leaning toward the 39 since the yarn won’t give much and I really don’t want it to be too small, but I’ve always heard that negative ease is better for a sweater… any thoughts?

Does the pattern say if it’s “to fit” chest 39" or if the actual measurement of the garment is 39"? That may help you determine if there is any ease accounted for in the pattern itself.

Two inches of extra fabric is an awwwwwful lot…I’d definitely either go negative, or figure out how to split the math down the middle. :shrug:

It says “Bust size”, I may just figure out the math since my gauge is a bit off anyway. It’s a basic sleeveless shell pattern… I just may be better of tweaking it. I just picked this one because I liked the style of the neckline, and it’s really basic up to that point. Thanks for the help!!