Sizing help

I have decided to make this Easy Adult Sweater. I would like some some advice on what size I should make. It says the finished bust for a Small is 36" and for a Medium 40". My bust measurement is 34 1/2". Now…I have lost nearly 100 lbs and plan to loose another 15. I think I am pretty safe making the small right? I don’t wanna be swimming in the sweater and I think by the time I get it done a small will be ok, right?

I just need a few people to agree with me. I can’t wrap my mind around making a small…doesn’t seem possible.:happydance:


I just started my first adult sweater for my dad…and found this interesting when trying to find out what size I should make:thumbsup:

Yes, I’d go with the smaller pattern. The medium gives you almost 6" of ease which would be pretty baggy even at the weight you are now. The small is only a couple inches larger than you are, which still makes a comfortable fit.

Thank you both for your help. I did my gauge swatch :knitting: last nite and decided to go ahead and cast on the small. :yay: