Sizing down a pattern

Hi. Could any one tell me about making a pattern a smaller size? I have a couple patterns I would like to do. One is 6-12 mo and the others are 12 mo. I would like to make them newborn or 3 mo. How do I go about this? Do I simply use a different size needle? And if so, how do I know which size needle and if it’s the correct size? Or do I have to go through the pattern in some fashion and do a bunch of figuring and rewrite the patterns basically? And if so, how do I do this? And is it the same for making a pattern a bigger size as well? Any input on this would help. I am a novice knitter, so please keep this in mind. LOL.

Mary Jo

You can use a thinner yarn and smaller needle than the pattern suggests. What type of yarn is it made from?

Heres what I do, say the pattern says CO 10 st for small -15 st for med-20st for large.Each size is a difference of 5 sts so if I wanted to make it smaller then the small I would CO 5sts -med 10-Large 15.Get the idea?Then I just change the numbers in the rest of the pattern the same way. I do this to make it larger some times too.Hope this helps

The one that is 6-12 mo calls for worsted weight and sz 8 needles. I just purchased the yarn and am waiting for it to arrive. The other one that I am thinking of knitting is 12-18 month in sport weight and size 3mm needles. Thanks.

Huh? The larger size calls for thinner yarn and smaller needles? Or do you mean you’re thinking of knitting the larger size in the the sportweight and 3mm needles to get the newborn size?

I think she has 2 different patterns and each has a different yarn/needle requirement.

With the first pattern (6-12 month) since it calls for worsted weight yarn, you could change the yarn to dk and use smaller needles to get a smaller size garment.

As for the other pattern, you could go to fingering weight yarn and again smaller needles-- I don’t think this would bring you to as small as a newborn size since the pattern is for a 12 - 18 month size but you could also adjust the numbers as momwolf suggested and that might get you the size you want.

I would choose a needle size based on what’s recommended on the label of the yarn you are planning to use.

Hope this helps!